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Dr. Infrared Heater Salamander Construction 10000-Watt, Single Phase, 240-Volt Portable Fan Forced Electric Heater, DR-PS11024

Dr. Infrared Heater

-Clean, instant, odor-free heat

-240 Volt, Single Phase, 10000 Watt

-Heavy-duty steel frame

-Safety guards on both intake and output ends

-Adjustable thermostat with temperature range from 40 – 100°F

-Hardwiring required

-Heater comes with cart for convenient portability


Dr. Infrared Heater has been keeping millions of Americans warm for many years. These portable heavy-duty salamander heaters are perfect for heating up construction sites, factories, workshops, warehouses, garages, sheds, barns, and other spaces. The heater features an adjustable thermostat, finned heating elements, automatic reset, fan-only function, thermal cutoff switch, and 10 inch wheels for convenient transport and portability. This salamander heater is also available in two other versions: a 240V/Single Phase/15000W version (DR-PS11524), and a 208V/Triple Phase/15000W version (DR-PS31520). Hardwiring required, needs a 6/4 SO type cord for connection. CSA listed.


Product Dimensions: 28 x 39 x 22 inches (LxWxH); 69 lbs.

Shipping Dimensions: 24 x 29 x 24 inches (LxWXH); 80 lbs.

$ 642.00 $ 679.00